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Finding Your Center

"We live in a time of great change on the planet. Old stuck energies are releasing on both personal and global levels, and beautiful new possibilities are emerging. As with any storm, the best place to be is in the center - in the eye of the storm.

With psychic readings, spiritual healing, and communication with your Spirit Guides, I can help you navigate these changes more joyfully, gracefully, and as easily as possible.

When you find yourself being pulled into the storm, I'm here to offer you a helping hand back to your center."

With Love, Light, and Laughter,

Rt. Rev. Jeffrey Allen

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Client Testimonials

“I was really moved by the reading from you. I'll try to find the words, the essence of it was pretty amazing.

You are far more than a clairvoyant, you truly are a healer in the highest sense where you have your ego in neutral while working with the client. And then a real healing can take place, and I feel like it did."

Susan Barnes - Author & Teacher

"Jeffrey Allen's healing session was both energizing and validating. He immediately picked up on the very topics on my mind without any prior knowledge and helped me move through really profound levels of healing so simply and gracefully with a lot of presence, innocence and joy. Thanks Jeffrey and the Guides!"   

Laura Fox - Radio Host, Event Producer

"I came into the healing very emotional and unclear.  After I felt clarity which led to major shifts in my life.  It cleared out the residues so that I wasn’t stuck and I could move forward.

I am amazed at the pure connection that Jeff has.  He allows the energy to flow through him, and he directs it with his powerful yet calming work.

The healing started a chain of events that has taken me to a place of acceptance that I truly never though I could get to.  I am grateful.."

JB - Beautician

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Video Message from Jeffrey


Clients have told me that I share great insights with them, however in truth I simply look at their energy and tell them what I see.  I strive to look both at the surface symptoms of an issue and below the surface for underlying momentum and cause.

I approach psychic reading from a space of compassion and amusement.  I am a healer at heart, and I love to help you find your answers, find your questions, and often times find a good laugh as well.  My specialties include channeled healing (in person or remotely) and working with Spirit Guides. I am available for psychic readings on any subject you like.

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Energy Healer

I combine a variety of healing modalities, uniquely tailoring each session to the individual receiving the healing. Each hands-on session begins and ends with Christ Force Healing to cleanse and reenergize the light body. As the healing progresses, I use my clairvoyance and guidance to identify appropriate techniques and direct healing energy where needed. 

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One of my personal goals is to help demystify trance mediumship and intuition, to help you understand that these are not special abilities used only by gifted individuals. They are part of being human. Like any other ability, we each have natural strengths. Learning and practice helps us develop both our strengths and our weaknesses.

Through my healing sessions, writing, and teaching, I am educating others and empowering them to live happy, conscious lives.

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Spiritual Teacher

Intuition, self-healing, and communication with Spirit guides is a normal part of being human. For many of us, however, it has been forgotten or is drowned out by the noise of our daily thoughts and our old energy patterns.

My goal in teaching is to help you explore your natural abilities, to empower you and guide you toward conscious living. By learning techniques for reducing your internal noise, you will naturally tune in to your own information.

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