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Jeffrey Allen
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As of January 2016, I am discontinuing my hourly private sessions to focus on my upcoming training & group programs.

It’s been my honor to guide so many wonderful healing sessions over the past 10 years, and I’m excited about continuing our journey together!

The goal of my new program is to provide you an ongoing opportunity for personal growth & learning, to give you more value and a lower price, and reach many more people in the process.

Please visit my Announcements page for details.

I look forward to meeting with you again!

With Love, Light, and Laughter,
Jeffrey Allen

Jeffrey Allen

PS: If you have purchased a package which still has remaining unused sessions, please contact my office with the form below to schedule your remaining sessions.

Questions about Duality Training or Unlocking Transcendence Training

If you have enrollment or support questions about the Duality training program or Unlocking Transcendence program, please contact Mindvalley Customer Service at [email protected] or visit their website at

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