Friends - If “Jeffrey Allen” on Instagram tries to sell you a session, it’s not me. Please report such fraud to Instagram. My verified account is iamjeffreyallen ❤️

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Awakening Your Spirit Mind

The Awakening Your Spirit Mind training, featuring Jeffrey Allen and his amazing wife Hisami is currently in session. 

We're enjoying guiding the first 1000 students through the training now, and we look forward to inviting our next group of students in mid-late 2023. 

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Unlocking Transcendence & Duality on Mindvalley

For enrollment, billing, or support questions for the Duality or Unlocking Transcendence training programs, please contact Mindvalley Customer Support.

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Beware of fake Instagram accounts!  

If a "Jeffrey Allen" offers to sell you a private session on Instagram, it's not Jeffrey. It's an imposter. Please report it to Instagram and block the account.

We continue to ask Instagram to take these down, but new imposters pop up regularly. Jeffrey's Instagram account is: iamjeffreyallen 


Interviews, Live Events, All Other Inquiries

For questions about Jeffrey's live events, Spirit Mind training, interview requests, or any other inquiry, please send us a message below or email us at Girl in a jacket

We answer support inquiries on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Thank you!


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