Reviews from Jeffrey's Students

What can I expect from the Duality Training?

"Your work has come into my life like a cool breeze in the middle of a hot day. Your calm energy and in depth knowledge is giving me practices I can do everyday to work with my energy. I know I have needed this training for years and it is amazing to finally get it. THANK YOU for all you do."

Shari Blake
Duality Energy Training Graduate

"I’m getting closer to the end of the lectures. And I find myself sad because I don’t want the teachings of Jeffrey to end! I’m so completely engaged by the way he has taught this course. With so much information he’s made it fun and full of life. Absolutely amazing teacher. The best I’ve ever had. "

Denise J James
Duality Graduate

"A thousand thank yous Jeffrey – they can’t express the immense gratitude I feel for this life changing course. Now I don’t just hope things will get better, I know they already are!"

Louise French
Duality Graduate

"Duality for me has been so much more than a class. It marked the beginning of a new time in my life, one that opened me up to new insights, opportunities, and ways of experiencing the world. Duality helped me to discover parts of myself that I had forgotten, and live life in a way that I had been longing to find for seemingly forever. Thank you, dear Jeffrey, for all you did to help this happen, and thank you, amazing Duality group, for sharing your love and support throughout this journey."

Sonia Dabboussi
Duality Graduate

"Jeffery, thank you so much for creating this program and sharing this knowledge with us. I found it easy to follow you and to understand the messages you were delivery. The practical applications were excellent and my life has definitely been transformed by learning and applying the knowledge that you have shared with us. You are an excellent teacher. Wishing you an abundance of love, joy and all good in your life. Thank you again. Namaste."

Linda McDougall
Duality Graduate

"Jeffrey, thank you so much for the Duality program. It has been a total game changer for me. The permission rose itself was worth the price of the entire program. Sending you and your family light, blessings and unconditional love!"

Brenda Ley
Duality Graduate

"Thank you Thank you Thank you....I LOVED your Duality course with MindValley--it has healed me in so many ways and abundance and health are starting to flow into my life. It is just what I needed at this point in my life....It's my "go to" resource...and I continue to go back to the sections I need over and over again whenever stress or a "growth period" are with me."

Cheryl Mitchell
Duality Graduate

"I am so moved by today’s class—everything just became so uncomplicated and clear. All the lines seemed to fall into place—there is so much peace and clarity from the learnings today—it answered questions I felt I have had in me since I was little. I always felt that my hotspots showed my me passions and now I realize that when I release my hotspots – there will be this beautiful space for my REAL passions to come forth. Truly life changing Jeffrey Allen—I quite honestly feel a peace I have never felt before…."

Deni Ayre
Duality Graduate

What can I expect from the Unlocking Transcendence Training?

"I have become so tuned in and it feels amazing in a serene way. I now "see" so clearly things and situations around me and on my way. Creative ideas for progress and solutions have been streaming through me for my family, my friends and the grassroots movement I am in."

Claudys Kantar
Unlocking Transcendence Graduate

"I am very grateful for your teachings, guidance, sense of humor, easy going and care free spirit. I love the idea of having fun while raising my energy, it doesn't have to be serious! Muchas gracias Jeffrey , you are changing my life for the better :-)"

Alejandro Alfa
Unlocking Transcendence Graduate

"I have had many successes in this program. It has expanded by awareness beyond what I could have imagined on my own. I feel like I am a baby with these new tools and I want to keep working with this program to help it integrate and become natural for me."

Elaine Carlton
Unlocking Transcendence Graduate

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✓ Maintain your Own Space
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