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I've taught energy work, intuition, and healing around the globe for over a decade.

Through amusement and a deep understanding of energy, I can help you break through your hidden blocks, see your world from a new perspective & live your life from your most powerful intuitive awareness!


"Your work has come into my life like a cool breeze in the middle of a hot day. Your calm energy and in-depth knowledge is giving me practices I can do every day to work with my energy. I know I have needed this training for years and it is amazing to finally get it. THANK YOU for all you do."

Shari Blake
Duality Graduate

Awakening Your Spirit Mind
with Jeffrey & Hisami Allen

Why do we struggle, feel lonely, afraid, or unhappy? It's simple. We've forgotten what it means to be connected with our soul in daily life.

In this heartfelt training, Hisami & Jeffrey reconnect us with our true essence, remind us how our consciousness truly works, and open the doors for a whole new way of living!

  • Understand your life from a deep energy perspective
  • Learn why fulfillment leads to success, not the other way around
  • Shift from scarcity & lack to abundance & fulfillment in the moment
  • Reimagine everything in your life from a perspective of love

"Jeffrey, you are brilliant… this class is exactly what I hoped to learn and I am finding it so valuable, thank you for sharing all that you know and allowing us to clear our past and expand into the presence of possibilities."

Amalia Camateros

FREE Energy Healing Masterclass

Discover FOUR Powerful Energy Healing Techniques To Attract Abundance, Love, Health and Happiness In Your Life

In this FREE session, you'll learn how to leverage the power of energy healing, get immediate answers through your intuition, and discover the fastest path to living your most abundant life.

This Masterclass is going to be so much more than just a lecture. It's a fully immersive experience. Because it's one thing to learn about energy healing... It's another to "feel" it actually working.

That's why I'll be guiding you through FOUR powerful and transformative energy healing techniques so you can 'experience' first-hand just how invigorating (and how easy) working with your energy body can be.

In this masterclass, you will...

  • Learn To Use Energy To Transform Any Aspect Of Your Life
  • Get Guided Through FOUR Powerful Energy Tools
  • Discover How To Get Answers From Your Intuition
  • Learn How To Clear Your #1 Energy Block In Just 7 Minutes
  • Uncover Your Next Best Step In Life

"Jeffrey, thank you so much for the Duality program. It has been a total game-changer for me. The permission rose itself was worth the price of the entire program. Sending you and your family light, blessings and unconditional love!"

Brenda Ley
Duality Graduate

Duality Energy Training

Discover How To Tap Into Your Energy To Get Answers, Heal Yourself, Attract Synchronicities, Raise Your Vibration… And Make An Impact On The World.

I’ve teamed up with the incredible people at Mindvalley Academy to create Duality Energy Training. Duality takes all the insights and tools from my 20+ years of energy research and 10+ years of teaching live training programs, and delivers them in a whole new way!

Whether you’re new to working with energy or have a solid understanding, the techniques described in this program will tremendously empower you.

In the Duality program, you'll discover how to...

  • Eliminate your energy blocks
  • Live a life full of vitality, inner balance and harmony
  • Experience a life guided by synchronicity and purpose
  • Get answers from your intuition and make better decisions
  • Expand your spiritual awareness and connect with your spirit guides
  • Energize your body with self-healing
  • Improve your relationships
  • And more...

Duality is included with Mindvalley membership and cannot be purchased separately.

"I have become so tuned in and it feels amazing in a serene way. I now "see" so clearly things and situations around me and on my way. Creative ideas for progress and solutions have been streaming through me for my family, my friends and the grassroots movement I am in. I realized how gracefully easy it is to 'read' others, understand them behind the appearance and acts. I am gaining new friendships, and I have been effective in helping others understand what they go through and how to deal with it gracefully. I am impacting more than I thought possible... and this is just the beginning."

Claudys Kantar
Unlocking Transcendence Graduate

Unlocking Transcendence –
60 Days to Spiritual Fitness

Discover How To Step Beyond The Material World, Access Your Higher Awareness, and Live a Purposeful, Satisfying and Impactful Life

Unlocking Transcendence training helps you to experience yourself deeply, and increase your awareness in ways that didn’t know were possible – giving you a powerful new perspective of yourself as a spiritual being.

In this program, you'll discover how to...

  • Use higher awareness to live an abundant life, full of synchronicity and ease
  • Feel empowered and aware that you are co-creating your life
  • Take the easy road, be in the right place at the right time
  • Enjoy a deep fulfilling sense that you are impacting others positively
  • Calm runaway thoughts and organize your mind to think clearly and intentionally
  • Be more present and excited about life
  • Easily find new opportunities in your personal and professional life
  • Live a purposeful, satisfying and impactful life

Unlocking Transcendence is included with Mindvalley membership and cannot be purchased separately.

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