Jeffrey Allen

Meet Jeffrey Allen Energy Healer, Teacher, Author

We live in a time of great change on the planet. Old stuck energies are releasing on both personal and global levels, and beautiful new possibilities are emerging. As with any storm, the best place to be is in the center – in the eye of the storm.

With energy reading, energy healing, and communication with your Spirit Guides, I can help you navigate these changes more joyfully, gracefully, and as easily as possible.

When you find yourself being pulled into the storm, I’m here to offer you a helping hand back to your center.

Hello! I’m Jeffrey Allen – author of Duality Energy Training and Unlocking Transcendence Spiritual Fitness Training with Mindvalley Academy. I’ve been offering coaching and advanced training programs for intuition and energy healing since 2003.

I believe personal and global consciousness is a key factor in determining how our world evolves. I love technology & business for the amazing leverage they provide. Yet, it’s our consciousness that determines how we use this leverage – to help or to harm.

The most effective way I’ve found for developing consciousness is to teach simple energy tools which address real problems in people’s lives. This gives people a tangible experience, and “personal proof” that their awareness directly affects their lives. This naturally results in wanting to learn more energy tools – to improve more areas of your life.

How does learning energy work affect global consciousness?

Each time you apply energy work, you “wake up” a little more – by releasing stored energy blocks and gaining new perspectives. This awakening ripples through everyone you interact with – your global network of friends, family, and business ties. Helping yourself this way really does help everyone else.

I‘ve seen this transition personally, in my inner circles, with clients worldwide and in my students. That’s why I love teaching energy work! That’s why I’m driven to expand this work globally – to help more people help themselves and help each other.

I believe this is highest impact I can achieve in creating a brighter future – where we individually and collectively use the powerful tools of our time for the shared benefit of all.


Clients have told me that I share great insights with them, however in truth I simply look at their energy and tell them what I see. I strive to look both at the surface symptoms of an issue and below the surface for underlying momentum and cause.

I approach psychic reading from a space of compassion and amusement. I am a healer at heart, and I love to help you find your answers, find your questions, and often times find a good laugh as well. My specialties include channeled healing (in person or remotely) and working with Spirit Guides.


Intuition, self-healing, and communication with Spirit guides is a normal part of being human. For many of us, however, it has been forgotten or is drowned out by the noise of our daily thoughts and our old energy patterns.

My goal in teaching is to help you explore your natural abilities, to empower you and guide you toward conscious living. By learning techniques for reducing your internal noise, you will naturally tune in to your own information.

Energy Healer

I combine a variety of healing modalities, uniquely tailoring each session to the individual receiving the healing. Each hands-on session begins and ends with Christ Force Healing to cleanse and reenergize the light body. As the healing progresses, I use my clairvoyance and guidance to identify appropriate techniques and direct healing energy where needed.


One of my personal goals is to help demystify trance mediumship and intuition, to help you understand that these are not special abilities used only by gifted individuals. They are part of being human. Like any other ability, we each have natural strengths. Learning and practice helps us develop both our strengths and our weaknesses.

Through my healing sessions, writing, and teaching, I am educating others and empowering them to live happy, conscious lives.

Meditation Guide

Guided meditation is a powerful means for gaining self realization. Meditation gently takes us out of our analyzing mind and into an experiential conscious awareness. From this space, great awareness and healing can occur.

My meditations use simple visualization techniques for self assessment and self healing. We often work with spirit guides for gaining insight and additional healing. I’m also a big fan of healing our home, the Earth, and I love to lead meditations to assist in creating balance and harmony on the planet.

Jeffrey’s History

Early in life, Jeffrey showed unusual talent for math, visualization, teaching, and technology. At age 14, he taught his first class – a semester-long computer training. By high school, he was engaged in scientific research with high performance computing centers at the Institute for Computational Studies and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

After earning two Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics, Jeffrey spent 15 years in a successful software engineering career – innovating technologies at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, several startup companies, and Sun Microsystems. His focus was on improving the interaction between people and computers, leveraging the power of computers to improve people’s jobs and lives.

In his early 20s, Jeffrey also began having paranormal experiences with telepathy, clairvoyance, channeling, and energy healing. Although these experiences didn’t fit easily into his scientific mindset, he could not ignore them. In a search for deeper understanding, Jeffrey began studying metaphysics and the paranormal.

By 1996, Jeffrey found Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder, Colorado, where he completed clairvoyant training, teachers certification, and many graduate clairvoyant programs. Jeffrey later served on the board of directors for the school as was ordained as a Suffragan Bishop of the Church of Inner Light.

For over a decade, Jeffrey apprenticed with leading psychics, healers, and mediums in the United States. In addition to extensive clairvoyant training, Jeffrey completed a three year Mediumship training with John Fulton at Aesclepion Healing Center, a two year Alchemy training with Jim Self of Avalon, and a three year Advanced Healing apprenticeship with Michael Tamura of Seraphim, Mt. Shasta. Also trained as an emissary for renowned scientist Nassim Haramein of the Resonance Project, Jeffrey combines cutting edge physics with his understanding of the human energy field.

In 2003, Jeffrey co-founded Spirit 2 Spirit Communications, a company dedicated to teaching practical applications of energy awareness. Jeffrey’s teaching extended overseas in 2005, into Uganda, Africa, where he taught graduate clairvoyant and channeling classes. These teaching experiences inspired Jeffrey to release completely from his engineering career, to focus his full-time attention on spiritual teaching and healing programs. After moving to Sedona, AZ, Jeffrey’s healing and teaching practice continued to expand, spreading in the US, France, Switzerland, and Japan.

In 2010, Jeffrey married his lovely wife and talented healer, Hisami Reiko, and relocated to Tokyo, Japan, where he founded and ran a clairvoyant and mediumship training school from 2010-2014. Jeffrey also continued to work internationally, with private students and healing clients around the world.

In 2014, Jeffrey began collaborating with Mindvalley – one of the world’s leading companies in online training for personal development. His first training program with Mindvalley was a big success – and still maintains one of the highest customer happiness ratings.

Today, Jeffrey continues to offer energy awareness training and self-healing programs, combining his many skills and vast knowledge to offer a light-hearted, fun, and effective path to increased personal awakening.

Jeffrey’s Training

Berkeley Psychic Institute Teachings

Jeffrey Allen’s Psychic and Trance Medium training is based on his own experience and the teachings of the late VRR Dr. Louis Bostwick, founder of the Berkeley Psychic Institute in Berkeley, California. Since 1973, the institute has taught psychic and channeling training to over 300,000 people.

Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Alchemy, Healing Training

After discovering his own psychic and channeling gifts in the mid 1990s, Jeffrey began intensive study at Psychic Horizons in Boulder, Colorado. There he learned the tools for self-healing and awakening which would change his life forever. After 4 years of Clairvoyant study, graduate study, and teachers training, Jeffrey served on the board of directors of Psychic Horizons from 2000-2002.

While beginning his own teaching practice in 2003, Jeffrey continued to study extensively, completing a 3-year Trance Mediumship training (John Fulton), a 2-year Alchemy training (Jim Self), and a 3-year Advanced Healer’s Apprenticeship (Michael Tamura).

Each of these programs brought new depth to his awareness and new tools to offer to students. The combination of these programs created a deep understanding of how a spirit operates in and out of the body. In addition, they provided the personal healing needed for Jeffrey to continue his own spiritual growth.

Ascended Masters and Archangels

In 2005, Jeffrey began the most enlightening study of his life. Through meditation and channeling, Jeffrey began studying directly with Ascended Masters and Archangels.
In his daily meditations, Jeffrey met with Jesus Christ, Mary Magdelene, Archangels Michael and Rafael, and others. They provided training, deep healing, and answers to his endless stream of questions about how life works.

In 2006, the Ascended Masters channeled the Sacred Heart Healing method through Jeffrey. While providing healing to many clients, the Ascended Masters and Archangels taught Jeffrey details about each client’s condition and how energy can be used for healing.
Studying directly with these powerful spirits created an understanding far beyond anything learned in prior classes.

Learning through Experience

In thousands of psychic reading and healing sessions, Jeffrey has consulted the Akashic Records for information on all manners of questions – from relationships to business, from health to life purpose. Jeffrey has looked at countless past lives, karmic patterns and spiritual paths, and watched how these energies play out over the years in client’s lives.

Learning through Teaching

Jeffrey has taught intuition, healing, and channeling to students around the world. By observing students in class, a real-world understanding of how students learn has been developed. Every client and every student has been a teacher as well – providing unique experiences and questions to be answered.

Throughout each class, the Ascended Masters are present, gently teaching and guiding Jeffrey as he teaches and guides the students. The classes are as much theirs as his.

A Powerful Path to Self-Awareness

Jeffrey’s goal in teaching is to gently guide you on a spiritual path similar to his own.  Through this path, you will

  • find deep inner peace,
  • take fantastic spiritual adventures,
  • gain invaluable insights, and
  • learn to create the life of your dreams.