If you haven't learned about energy, you're only using half of your capabilities!

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Hi! I’m Jeffrey Allen – an energy healer, teacher, and author of Duality Energy Training and Unlocking Transcendence Awareness Training from Mindvalley Academy.

Over the past 10 years, I’ve taught tens of thousands of people how to harness the power of their own energy – to improve their relationships, health, career, and personal life. And, I’m excited to help you too!

Energy work is available to anyone. With a little guidance and practice, you’ll be able to use your energy to create powerful, positive changes in your life!

The training is the best I’ve created – more clear, easy to learn, with even more powerful results. If you’re new to energy work or an experienced practitioner, I’m excited help you take your next steps toward energy mastery!

I can’t wait to help you Master Your Energy! Please read below for details.

Jeffrey Allen


Jeffrey Allen

Energy Healer, Teacher, Author of Duality Energy Training on Mindvalley Academy

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Energy Body
In just a few minutes each day, you’ll learn to use your energy to make real changes in your life. You’ll get 7 Daily Energy Tips to help you:

  • Focus your Attention
  • Increase your Creativity
  • Build a more powerful Presence
  • Improve your Boundaries
  • Change your Emotions
  • Maintain your own Space, and
  • Deeply Connect with others.
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