Are You Living in Duality or Oneness?

As we begin learning about spirituality, it's common to seek an experience of Oneness, and to escape from the dualistic (good/bad) thinking that we often see around us.

So, when I tell people I'm teaching a program called Duality, people sometimes look confused. I've been asked "Are we supposed to be aiming for Oneness or embracing Duality?"

Well, yes and yes actually! Let me explain...

All my training is really about one topic – Energy Awareness. I teach about energy awareness, because it's the fastest (and most fun) way I know to change your world.

As you become aware of energy, you begin to see the world differently. You begin to ask different questions about yourself, about others and the world around you. You begin to play a different game!

This happens because you begin tapping into your sixth sense or intuition. You start noticing another layer of information about the world, and you learn to massage and influence that layer of reality. As your awareness expands, two very interesting and powerful things happen naturally.

First, you begin understanding and experiencing the world through two very different lenses – a Physical lens and an Energy lens. You use your physical body & mind to interpret one and your spiritual body & intuition to interpret the other. Although we live in just one big beautiful reality, these two aspects of reality work very differently. So differently, that it's almost like living in two overlapping and complementary worlds – call it a synergistic Duality.

Second, as you get more experienced with your energy awareness, you become less attached to the dualistic nature of the physical world. In addition to the light/dark, good/bad, us/them Dualistic perspectives that truly permeate the Physical lens, you ALSO experience the Oneness that permeates the Energy lens.

Get it? You don't replace your physical perspective with a new energy perspective – as if one was better than the other. That's dualistic thinking! Rather, you hold both perspectives equally. You understand that the physical lens and energy lens are not in competition with each other. They are both real. They are both important.

As your energy awareness develops, you stop trying to deny that the physical lens is divided in dualisms, and you stop trying to deny that the energy lens is united in oneness.

And, getting out of denial feels really really good! You stop struggling internally. You stop struggling with others. You stop struggling in the world. That's exactly why I teach Energy Awareness!

Am I teaching about Oneness or Duality? Yes and Yes!!

So, this week as you're meeting with friends and family, as you're thinking about what you're grateful for this year, you have a great opportunity to celebrate both! Yes – we live in a physical world of polarity & duality! Yes – we live in a spiritual world of unity & oneness!

If you can see the people around you through both lenses, you'll appreciate them even more. Enjoy their ability to be opinionated, to strongly take one side on an issue. Be amused instead of resistant. And start to notice that, despite our apparent differences, we are really all the same on the inside.

If you can hold Oneness & Duality together, you can live happily in both aspects of this wonderful world we share!

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