Happiness and Stress fit together

Today I notice something surprising about my relationship between happiness and stress. Normally, I would think that stress means that I am not happy in some way. However, what I realized today is the reason I have stress in my life is that I am pursuing things that make me happy.

I am growing inside.
I am growing in my relationships.
I am growing in my business.
I am growing in my friendships.
And I am leaning into the things that bring me joy and happiness.

And because I am leaning into these things and also leaning out of my comfort zone at times, my stress is created from my pursuit of happiness.

And that's ok. It’s actually a good thing.

Over time I would like to notice the parts that are stressful, and wean myself off of those by getting some support from people, or just learn how to do something myself that I didn’t know how to do before.

And hence over time, this stress will go down and I will be left with these beautiful and joyful things that I am creating :-)

I really like this because I have been struggling lately - especially in the last few months. I felt like I had too many decisions to make and too many things to do that I don’t have experience with.

Of course, I can look at the energy and make choices that way, but I also want to consider the material world. I want to do things that are going to be productive for my business and not spend too much time just in a deep learning curve - where I am doing a lot of stuff that's not productive or is only productive in a learning sense but not productive in a business sense and so on.

This pursuit of perfection - this pursuit of success - is really fun but also creates a lot of stress because, honestly, I don’t know the right answers. I also know in my heart that there is no right answer and that any direction is possible to create a beautiful future.

It is just such a relief today to notice this...

Ahh.. I have stress AND I am happy.
Having stress doesn’t mean that I am unhappy.
Having stress doesn’t mean that I need to change something in my life.
Having stress doesn’t mean I am going in the wrong direction.
Having stress doesn’t mean there is a problem in my relationships, in my friendships, or in my business partnerships, and so on...

Having stress just means that...

I am pursuing my dreams.
I am learning.
I am growing.

And, this time I am making a lot of decisions that are new for me, and that's ok.

From now on when I am feeling stressed I will say,

Ahh.. this is because I am happy.
This is because I am creating an even happier road for myself.
This is because I am growing my joy and happiness in a huge way right now and that takes energy - creative energy & mental energy - and it's causing some stress at times.

This is fun to notice.

I wanted to share this because I feel that some of you are also in this position - where you are worried about how much stress you have. And you are worried that maybe there is something wrong or there is something that you need to fix?

And of course, if you have this feeling, it's going to add to your stress because now there is one more thing that you have to solve which is "How do I get out of my stress?"

So... I just want to encourage you instead to feel your stress with a new awareness and say...

I have stress AND I am happy in these ways right now.
It's ok to have both.
It's not one over the other.

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