Healing Message: Trust is a Choice

During healing sessions, the Ascended Masters share messages to help you understand and improve your life. A recent message is below, followed by the upcoming healing session schedule.

Trust is a Choice

Trust is a vital part of all personal relationships and with family, friends, and business. You might think trust is earned by the other person, that they must be trust-worthy before you can trust them. We tell you this is not true.

Trust is an emotion, much like happiness. You can always choose to smile at someone, and you can always choose to trust them too. Expressing your emotions requires nothing from others.

Misunderstanding Trust

If you misunderstand trust, you will divide people into 2 groups, those who can be trusted and those who cannot.

When someone hurts you, even inadvertently, you will take them out of your trusted group. Because all people can be hurtful at times, your trusted group will get smaller and smaller over time.

If you continue to misunderstand trust, you will eventually decide to trust no one. Next, you will lose trust in yourself. Finally, you will not trust God. Your heart will be closed, and the world will seem hopeless.

Fortunately, these conclusions are not true! Your misunderstanding can be corrected, trust restored, and your heart re-opened.

Choosing Trust

Where there is trust, energy flows freely. Communication and healing occurs.

When trust is missing, energy is slow or stopped. Misunderstanding and grievance can linger eternally.

You must choose which path to follow - communication and healing, or misunderstanding and grievance. Follow the same path for all people. You are either trusting or you are not.

We cannot guarantee your path will be pain free or perfect, however choosing trust will always lead to greater happiness. The more you trust others, the more trust worthy and trusting they will be with you. Which path do you choose?


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