How do you talk with your guides?

A friend sent me an article about how some people have an inner dialogue (an actual conversation or a monologue going on in their head). And some people don't.

In other words, some people think in spoken sentences in their head. Others don't think that way at all.

In the article, people with an inner dialogue were shocked to find that some people didn’t think like them.

"What?? If people don’t have a sentence structure running in their head all the time, then how do they think?"

On the other side, people without an inner dialogue said...

"Wow, that must be exhausting to have a conversation always going in your head."

I found this really interesting because I can relate. I have internal conversations going on all the time, and my wife Hisami doesn’t. So I'm in this situation every day - surrounded by two different ways of thinking.

Reading the article, I was reminded of all the students in the final chapter of my Duality training, where we are practicing conversations with Spirit Guides. When I wrote the program originally, I mostly structured it for people who think like me.

When I talk with Spirit Guides, it's in sentences in my head. And my guides usually respond to me in sentences as well. To me, it's just having a normal conversation, although with people who don't have physical bodies at the moment.

This style of communicating with Spirit Guides will work pretty well for people who are used to having conversations in their head.

However, not everyone is this way. My wife Hisami, for example, thinks non-verbally. She just perceives the big picture, "seeing" and understanding different energies and how they fit together, all without words. Putting her thoughts into words is like translating into a different language.

If you think without words, a conversation with your guides will likely be different than mine. Instead of a conversation where your guides talk to you, it's more likely they will communicate with you in the way that you naturally think.

You may feel things.. or understand things.. or know things. For you, that's what I would call "talking to your guides". You're doing it your way, and that's perfect for you!

I hope this perspective helps if you're in this situation, because I often hear students saying "I can't do it" and feeling like they are doing something wrong.

However, I'd say that you're not doing anything wrong other than anticipating that the way you receive your guidance will be the way that I receive it. Because that's probably not true.

In fact, my wife Hisami is one of the most intuitive and connected people I've ever known. And she says she's never had a conversation with her guides - in any way - in her whole life.

Yet she does have an ongoing knowingness which comes to her from somewhere unknown. She is receiving information all the time, but it has never come to her in structured sentences like it does for me, because she's not like me. And, that's great!

I hope this helps those of you who are thinking differently than I do. Your way is just as wonderful as mine. Enjoy it!

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