How To Attract Exactly Who You Need


Jeffrey Allen, Energy Healer and Author of the Duality Training Program, teaches a technique to call and connect with whoever are needing right now. In this excerpt from his talk, filmed at A-Fest, Croatia 2015, Jeffrey explains how this technique works across any area of life and is a powerful energetic short-cut to connecting!

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✓ Get answers from your intuition
✓ Become powerfully present in your body
✓ Eliminate energy blocks
✓ Energize your body with self-healing
✓ Connect with your spirit guides
✓ Clear your chakras
✓ Improve your relationships
✓ Attract synchronicity — and more


Increase Your Energy Today

In just a few minutes each day, you can make real changes in your life.  In Jeffrey's 7-day Energy Starter Kit, you'll learn his Top 7 Tools for Energy Awareness to help you:

✓ Focus your Attention
✓ Increase your Creativity
✓ Build Powerful Presence
✓ Improve your Boundaries
✓ Change your Emotions
✓ Maintain your Own Space
✓ Connect More Deeply with Others