Are you feeling lost in the shadows?

Two friends this week reminded me of the power of shining light!

Recently, I've fallen into the trap of focusing on the negative. Seeing all the pain and confusion in the world, it's natural for me to want to help. And with the crises facing the world, it's easy to feel a bit helpless or worried for our collective future.

When I get this way, it feels like I'm walking in the shadows. It's easy to overlook the bright events and people in my daily life. If it continues, my own light dims, and I find my dim mood spreading to those around me. Which, of course, only feeds the cycle. This negative feedback loop is all too easy be part of.

Fortunately, it's also simple (if not easy) to change!

I was reconnecting with my life-long friend Bill, and he was inspiring me with his story of change. He said he's always felt that his purpose was to lessen the suffering of others, but he recently amended that to include spreading happiness as well.

I was reminded of advice I once gave a dear friend, advice that I needed to hear myself.

We can't get to happiness by eliminating unhappiness. If we focus on eliminating negativity, our best outcome will be to get to zero. 

The next evening, I called my dear friend Aaron. I needed a happy boost, and he always delivers! He embodies the gift of shining light. I woke the next morning to a text message which said,

Have a wonderful and peaceful day brother. Smile brightly & keep a loving and warm energy all around you. Today is going to be an extraordinary magical day. X

Receiving this loving reminder from my friend, I smiled brightly and indeed had an extraordinary day - not in the events themselves, but in my response and experience.

Instead of walking in the shadows, I was shining my light again and spreading light to others, just as my friend had done for me. This is the positive feedback loop, the cycle of love & light which is so easy and powerful to tap into.

I hope you'll join me today, in shining your light and spreading love to others! ❤️


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