Travel Between Lives

During my morning meditations, I often contact Light Beings from various realms for counseling, teaching or just for fun. One of my favorite meditation activities is to travel through time, space or dimensions on the back of Pegasus, the winged white horse. He invariably has some exciting new place to visit to help me gain deeper understanding of my current life experiences.

On one such journey, Pegasus and I flew back through time to a mountain range in the Himalayas. As we approached the mountain, I could see an old man sitting in meditation at a cave opening. I quickly realized the old man was me in a past life. I left Pegasus' back and merged my consciousness with my past life self.

I was very old in that lifetime, much older than people live now. Through a long life of contemplation and service, I gained vast experience and wisdom about the workings of the world. I knew it would soon be time to leave the body behind, and I was packaging up all my knowledge for delivery to a future lifetime - a lifetime of great opportunity on the planet. I used my awareness to travel into the future in the form of a large hawk. As I circled the air in my future life, the red rocks of Sedona were clearly visible below.

Still merged with the consciousness of my past life self, traveling through time as the hawk, I watched as we glided lower toward the ground. To my surprise, we were approaching the house I lived in in my present life. I could see myself through the window sitting in quiet meditation.

My consciousness shifted abruptly as a shadow fell over my present life eyes. I snapped them open and saw a magnificent bird in the sky flying toward my window. The sunlight lit the hawk from behind surrounding it in a bright aura of light. We locked eyes, and I recognized myself smiling at myself from behind those deep eyes. Our connection strengthened, and the veils of time loosened.

I felt myself give and receive the package of past life knowledge simultaneously as the hawk veered sharply right. The sunlight hit me full in the face, filling my eyes with bright light, the very light which the hawk seemed to carry on its back. Strong waves of motion shook my entire body as I felt the information encoding into my light field. I closed my eyes again and let the integration occur. After some time, moments or minutes I'm not sure, my body calmed, and I was filled with a deep peace.

Something inside me had shifted. Something was present now which was not present before. I felt grateful and inspired, and I found myself again on the back of Pegasus. As we completed our return journey home, I could feel my physical body tingling, still feeling the effects of my precious encounter with myself.


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