How I Can Help You

I love helping people find a more powerful, peaceful, and fun way in life.

I've been blessed with many great teachers & experiences, and it's my honor to share my insights & training with you.

I've learned that the best teacher or guide is simply someone who walks the same path  perhaps a few steps ahead of me.

Below, I share my philosophy & story with you  so you can get to know me, and discover how I can help you!

My Purpose, Passion, and Mission

“It isn't what we do that makes us great, it's how we do it.”

Over the years, I've tried on many philosophies, and I've played many roles  father, son, husband... outdoor enthusiast, intuitive, engineer... healer, student, teacher... speaker, author, employee and entrepreneur.

My pursuit has always been to become a better person, to do positive things in the world, to have great achievements, and to help others. I've chased these dreams with all my heart.

Yet, looking back, I can see that I sometimes missed one important point  a simple truth my wife Hisami has repeated many times to me  it isn't what we do that makes us great, it's how we do it. 

For what we do always fades with time, but how we do it echoes on and on. Kindness leads to kindness. Anger leads to anger. Judgment leads to judgment. Love leads to love.

Our true greatness comes from inside, and we can express it anytime.  

“Today is the perfect day to be a shining example of you!”

My Purpose

I believe our purpose in life is simple  to become deeply aware of ourselves, of those around us, and of our environment.

With this awareness, we can choose to dance gracefully with life  to take daily actions that bring us joy & happiness, that honor & respect others, and that bring greater clarity & light to the world around us.

In this way, we each act as beacons of light & joy  sharing our unique talents & gifts in ways that bring us personal fulfillment and positively impacts others. We can make an enormous impact in the world, simply by being our brightest selves.

For myself, this means combining everything I love to do into a circle of creative endeavors. I observe, learn, meditate  organize, simplify, optimize  create, polish, and share. As my creative results are used by others, the cycle repeats as I observe & learn from the experience of others. 

“For true change to occur, we must shift our awareness.”

My Passion

My current passion is making energy work and higher awareness easily accessible to everyone. I believe this is the highest service I can provide to the world and to you. (And I love doing it too!)

For when I look at the problems we are facing  on a personal and global scale  new awareness is the only lasting cure I see. 

I love new technology, for the increased leverage it gives us — yet without new awareness, we tend to waste that leverage on the same old pursuits.

For true change to occur, we must shift our awareness. Yet shifting awareness is a tricky game.

“To grow, we must see past our own limits and beliefs.”

My Personal Growth

So much great information is available on personal awareness, yet much of it is wrapped in layers of confusing and needless nonsense. I say this without judgment because I've been as guilty as any teacher of wrapping well-intended nonsense around things I didn't fully understand.

When I met my wife Hisami that began to change. She's the clearest person I know  no BS, no pretense, no judgment  she just sees the world as it is. Thankfully, her example of clarity & purity has been rubbing off on me.  

In our years together, I've observed my biases, my insecurities, and my excessive creativity (the well-intended nonsense I mentioned), and I've changed. Hisami has cultivated a humility & patience in me that I didn't know was possible.

My Mission

To help as many people as possible, my mission is to...

  • Learn and embody amazing teachings to raise awareness,
  • Strip away needless nonsense  within myself and the teaching,
  • Deliver the message in as clear & helpful manner as I can,
  • Make Energy Work & Higher Awareness easily accessible to all.

"Thank you, Jeffrey! You're an angel! I truly appreciate your beautiful soul and the amazing work you do. I will forever be grateful for all you have taught me!!"

Andrea Zito
Energy Training Graduate

My Partners in Helping You


In 2014, after a decade of teaching live workshops, I felt a deep calling to share on a larger scale.

That spring, I met Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley, at his amazing event Awesomeness Fest in Thailand. Over the next year, this generous man & his fantastic company helped me take my teaching from live to online — increasing my reach and impact 1000 fold.

Due to their gracious & talented efforts, my Duality energy healing training & Unlocking Transcendence higher awareness training are reaching an ever-expanding audience worldwide.

From our time spent together — working, playing, learning, and growing — I can honestly say the Mindvalley team are the kindest, most genuine and higher-purpose driven people I've worked with. I'm grateful to be part of the Mindvalley family!;

I encourage you to check out the beautiful online programs from myself and other inspiring authors at Mindvalley, or meet us in person at Mindvalley's amazing events around the globe.

Spirit Mind Living

When I met my wife Hisami ("He saw me") in Japan in 2009, I knew something special was coming  not just for my relationship, but for my personal growth and teaching as well. 

Hisami's energy was brighter & more coherent than anyone I'd met before. I could feel such powerful healing energy radiating from her despite her calm & modest manner.

Although we could only speak a single sentence in the same language (She's Japanese, I'm American), our connection was unmistakable. I felt happy, loved, peaceful, excited, and at home  all at the same time. We were married 8 months later.

For years, we've each had visions of teaching together, and I'm excited that it's finally happening!

In 2000, Hisami founded Oneness Company to bring her gentle and powerful teaching to the people of Japan. In 2017, we began translating her Spirit Mind® teaching into English, teaching live workshops together, and designing a brand new online experience for Awakening Your Spirit Mind.

Since January 2023, we're excited to offer Awakening Your Spirit Mind to the world. Our initial program will be invitation only. Click here to get your invitation. We can't wait to share this powerful new program with you!

"Jeffrey you are brilliant....this class is exactly what I hoped to learn and I am finding it so valuable, thank you for sharing all that you know and allowing us to clear our past and expand into the presence of possibilities."

Amalia Camateros
Naturopathic Doctor

  Talks & Interviews with Jeffrey Allen

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We meet countless people every day. But how do we create deeper connections with the right people at the right time? In this enlightening talk from Mindvalley A-fest, Jeffrey demonstrates how we can use our energy to create more profound connections in our daily interactions, and how to call in exactly the right people for whatever we're needing most.

Training with Jeffrey Allen

To discover more about Jeffrey's training programs on Energy Healing, Higher Awareness, and Spirit Mind, please visit Jeffrey's training page below.


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