Unlock Your Deepest Awareness

If you've ever wondered what you're truly capable of – what hidden powers lie dormant inside you – then it's time to explore the deeper you.

Join energy healer Jeffrey Allen on a 60-day Mindvalley Quest of self-discovery. In just 15 minutes/day, you will experience aspects of yourself that you never knew existed, cultivate awareness that few people develop in a lifetime, and discover a deeper & more powerful you.

It's time to discover what you can really do!

Unlocking Transcendence –
60 Days to Spiritual Fitness

Discover How To Step Beyond The Material World, Access Your Higher Awareness, and Live a Purposeful, Satisfying and Impactful Life

Unlocking Transcendence training helps you to experience yourself deeply, and increase your awareness in ways that didn’t know were possible – giving you a powerful new perspective of yourself as a spiritual being.


In this program you'll discover how to...

  • Use higher awareness to live an abundant life, full of synchronicity and ease
  • Feel empowered and aware that you are co-creating your life
  • Take the easy road, be in the right place at the right time
  • Enjoy a deep fulfilling sense that you are impacting others positively
  • Calm runaway thoughts and organize your mind to think clearly and intentionally
  • Be more present and excited about life
  • Easily find new opportunities in your personal and professional life
  • Live a purposeful, satisfying and impactful life

In just 60 days, you will...

Become Self-Aware

Feel empowered and aware that you are co-creating your life

Be Physically Present

Feel calm, present, accepting and abundant

Be Mentally Organized

Be organized and clear, learn quickly and adapt easily

Become Spiritually Activated

Live a relaxing peaceful life, even when there are challenges

Find Emotional Balance

Feeling expressive, compassionate, humble and deeply understanding

Be Highly Impactful

Feel calm, authentic, more purposeful & satisfied with life

"I have become so tuned in and it feels amazing in a serene way. I now "see" so clearly things and situations around me and on my way. Creative ideas for progress and solutions have been streaming through me for my family, my friends and the grassroots movement I am in."

Claudys Kantar
Unlocking Transcendence Graduate

In This Program, You Will Discover...

Unlocking Transcendence develops 12 key levels of Spiritual Growth

Level 1 – Location Awareness

First step in discovering your “self” independent from your thoughts, emotions & body. Experiential “proof” that you are more than your body/mind/emotions.

If weak...
Spacey, hard to focus, tend to repeat the same experiences

If strong...
Present, observing your experience, can think “outside the box”.

Level 2 – Time Awareness

Happiness, contentment, and fulfillment are found in the present – not the past or future.

If weak...
Depressed, feel stuck, low will to live (too much past). Anxious, distracted, ineffective, always chasing (too much future).

If strong...
Calm, relaxed, focused, present in the moment, highly attractive.

Level 3 – Body Awareness

Having a poor relationship with your body is incredibly distracting. Thoughts like “Why am I big/small/short/tall/etc.?” take away from the pure joy of having a physical body.

If weak...
Less coordinated, judgmental of your body and other people.

If strong...
Athletic and coordinated, enjoying your body, accepting rather than judgmental.

Level 4 – Energy Body Awareness

Experiencing energy-awareness first hand shatters the illusion that we live in a merely physical world. Breaking this illusion is required to move beyond scarcity (the belief that everything is physical) into abundance (the belief that everything is energy).

If weak...
Stuck in scarcity, life is full of effort, not getting the breaks.

If strong...
Life is abundant, full of synchronicity and ease, tapping your hidden super powers.

Level 5 – Mental Awareness

If you can’t tame your own mind, you’ll have little success gaining or sustaining higher awareness.

If weak...
Runaway or obsessive thoughts, easily agitated.

If strong...
Organized mind, clear thinking, present with others.

Level 6 – Listening Awareness

Listening to what’s happening around you is key to succeeding easily in the world.

If weak...
Take the difficult road in life with many disappointments and let downs.

If strong...
Take the easy road in life, be in the right place at the right time with synchronicity.

Level 7 – Intuition Awareness

Living without Intuition is like driving without a GPS. Intuition takes the stress and guesswork out of life.

If weak...
Stress while making decisions. Frustrated by needless mistakes, slow progress, and missed opportunities.

If strong...
Clear relaxed decisions, quick progress, amazing synchronicity, flow and abundance, living beyond your dreams.

Level 8 – Spiritual Connection Awareness

Knowing that you’re never truly alone in the world is the surest way to find happiness.

If weak...
Feel separate, lonely, disconnected, overly competitive, greedy, lacking.

If strong...
Feel connected, peaceful & enthusiastic, generous & abundant.

Level 9 – Emotional Awareness

Emotions can bring your deepest joy or biggest frustration. Uncontrolled emotion can instantly sour relationships – personal & business.

If weak...
Recurring guilt or emotional dramas, difficulty controlling or communicating emotions.

If strong...
Honest, non-judgmental, guilt-free. Feeling alive and enjoying your emotions.

Level 10 – Empathic Awareness

Having your sovereignty requires that you understand which emotions are yours and which are from someone else.

If weak...
Overwhelmed, misunderstood, exhausted at end of day, overly sensitive, want to protect yourself, struggle in crowds.

If strong...
Easy to understand people deeply. People trust you & feel connected with you. Easy to adapt to new situations. Fit in easily in a crowd.

Level 11 – Personal Impact Awareness

Leading a meaningful life requires impacting others positively & reducing conflict or negative impact on others.

If weak...
Unfulfilled, bored, feel like you don’t matter. Jealous of other people’s success.

If strong...
Deep fulfilling sense that you are impacting others. Easily step into new opportunities.

Level 12 – Community and Global Impact Awareness

With current technology, we have a much greater impact than before. Your awareness determines if you use this to create harmony or cause confusion.

If weak...
Driven by ego and appearance. Either hiding and playing small or showing off and playing big.

If strong...
Driven by helping others. Calm and authentic. Living a purposeful, satisfying, impactful life.

SPECIAL BONUS – Collaboration Awareness

Finding your tribe is key if you want to joyfully maximize your positive impact in the world.

If weak...
Feel overwhelmed & competitive. Overworked from doing it all yourself. Not achieving your potential impact.

If strong...
Creating a better world through highly impactful work and powerful, fun collaboration with others.

"I am very grateful for your teachings, guidance, sense of humor, easy going and care free spirit. I love the idea of having fun while raising my energy, it doesn't have to be serious! Muchas gracias Jeffrey , you are changing my life for the better :-)"

Alejandro Alfa
Unlocking Transcendence Graduate

How does "Unlocking Transcendence - 60 Days to Spiritual Fitness" help me?

Spiritual Fitness is a Measurement of Spiritual Growth

When your Spiritual Fitness is high, you operate at your best. You learn easily and quickly absorb new information, and you know how to apply it effectively in your daily life. This is analogous with “being in great shape” for your spirit.

Spiritual Fitness is a Global Phenomenon

We're all undergoing a global change. Spirituality is becoming less institutional and more personal. We are integrating spirituality into our all aspects of our lives without needing to adhere to specific beliefs or traditions.

This is just like the Physical Fitness trend – where people are taking more personal responsibility for living happier healthier lives.

Spiritual Fitness is a Lifestyle 

Taking care of your spiritual health helps you live more gracefully, reduce frustration and conflict, and helps you attract and embrace more positive opportunities.

Unlocking Transcendence - 60 Days to Spiritual Fitness helps you become the most powerful version of you – which feels great and positively influences everyone in your life.

Spiritual Fitness determines...

  • How clear, energized & happy you feel
  • How easily you learn & retain new spiritual or personal growth practices
  • How well you see the forest through the trees (see the big picture)
  • How well you understand and communicate with others
  • How clear and aligned you feel with your purpose or path

Low Spiritual Fitness results in...

  • Slow personal growth
  • Unnecessary struggle – taking 2 steps forward & 1 step back
  • Wasted effort/energy – spending lots of time & energy working on things which don’t lead to personal progress
  • Unfulfilled desires – you really want to get to your goals, but just can’t seem to reach them

High Spiritual Fitness helps you...

  • Get in the fast lane for Spiritual Growth
  • Be ready to meet your next challenge
  • Feel better longer, tire less easily
  • Get better results with less effort
  • Accomplish things which simply were not possible before

Spiritual Fitness affects all areas of your life: physical, mental, emotional & spiritual. It affects how you live your life, how you experience yourself, and how you impact those around you.


"I have had many successes in this program. It has expanded by awareness beyond what I could have imagined on my own. I feel like I am a baby with these new tools and I want to keep working with this program to help it integrate and become natural for me."

Elaine Carlton
Unlocking Transcendence Graduate

What is the difference between Duality and Unlocking Transcendence?

Jeffrey Allen has 2 popular programs with Mindvalley Academy – Duality energy training, and Unlocking Transcendence awareness training. What's the difference?

"Duality is the course your Mind loves, ...

Duality is an 8-week online training to help you deeply understand how your energy body functions and how to work with energy for self-healing, communication, and manifesting.  Each week of Duality includes up to 2 hours of video training - an amazing amount of information (students have been known to repeat the class several times, receiving deeper information each time).  It also includes guided meditations and real-world exercises and applications.

If you want to treat your mind and learn deeply about energy, Duality is the course for you.

... Unlocking Transcendence is the course your Spirit needs!"

Unlocking Transcendence is a 60-day online training to help you deeply experience yourself as consciousness – stretching your awareness in ways that didn’t know were possible and giving you a new perspective of yourself as a Spirit.  Unlocking Transcendence favors experience & activation over information – allowing you to draw your own conclusions as you up-level your spiritual awareness. You receive a new 10-15 minute video or audio every day for 60 days.

If you want to understand your true nature as a spirit, Unlocking Transcendence is the course for you.

Both courses will deeply affect your perception of yourself and change how you live your life. They complement each other and can be taken in either order. All training materials are yours to keep, so you can easily repeat the training or watch at any pace you like.


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