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Releasing your Biggest Blocks


I am excited to share with you a powerful meditation for tuning into your energy and letting go of internal blocks. Releasing your energy blocks will help you:

  • Enjoy a life filled with abundance, passion and success
  • More easily access your intuition
  • Trust yourself to make the right choices for you
  • Experience more positive states like happiness, gratitude, love and joy
  • Magnetize and manifest more experiences to feel grateful for
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How To Connect & Disconnect From People Using Energy


Jeffrey Allen, Energy Healer and Author of the Duality Training Program, teaches how to use and manage our energy with people. In this excerpt from his talk, filmed at A-Fest, Jeffrey demonstrates how we can use our energy to connect deeper in conversations and get more fulfillment out of our daily interactions.

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How To Attract Exactly Who You Need


Jeffrey Allen, Energy Healer and Author of the Duality Training Program, teaches a technique to call and connect with whoever are needing right now. In this excerpt from his talk, filmed at A-Fest, Croatia 2015, Jeffrey explains how this technique works across any area of life and is a powerful energetic short-cut to connecting!

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Healing Message: Trust is a Choice

During healing sessions, the Ascended Masters share messages to help you understand and improve your life. A recent message is below, followed by the upcoming healing session schedule.

Trust is a Choice

Trust is a vital part of all personal relationships and with family, friends, and business. You might think trust is earned by the other person, that they must be trust-worthy before you can trust them. We tell you this is not true.

Trust is an emotion, much like happiness. You can always choose to smile at someone, and you can always choose to trust them too. Expressing your emotions requires nothing from others.

Misunderstanding Trust

If you misunderstand trust, you will divide people into 2 groups, those who can be trusted and those who cannot.

When someone hurts you, even inadvertently, you will take them out of your trusted group. Because all people can be hurtful at times, your trusted group will get smaller and smaller over time.

If you continue to misunderstand trust, you...

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How can I talk to my Spirit Guides?

Did you know you were born with a pre-paid, life-time subscription to the most accurate and insightful life coaches ever? I’m talking about your personal spirit guides. They are always available, amazingly powerful, know you better than you know yourself, and are excited to help you.

Learning to hear your Spirit Guides is a little like learning to walk as a child.

All that's really required to learn to walk is that you keep trying. Your built in reflexes will automatically take you step by step (no pun intended) from rolling to crawling to standing to stumbling to walking. There are muscles to strengthen and coordination to build. It takes time. But you don't need instructions. They are built in - you got the instructions when you were born. Just keep trying, and you'll naturally pick it up.

Keep in mind that, like learning to walk, it may take longer than you want to hear your Guides. Getting frustrated will only make it take longer. So, enjoy the journey! Get excited when...

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Energy Secrets for Exceptional Communication


I’d love to share with you my 2 biggest energy tips for conscious communication!

These energy techniques will help you:

  1. Attract just the people you want - for business or personal relationships, and
  2. Have deeper, more effective communication when meeting in person

Communication is such a key element of our happiness in relationships & success in business too. Why leave it to chance?

We meet countless people everyday. But how do we create deeper connections with the right people, at the right time? In this enlightening talk from A-Fest, Jeffrey Allen demonstrates how we can use our energy to create more profound connections in our daily interactions, but also how to call in exactly the right people for whatever we're needing most.

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Are You Living in Duality or Oneness?

As we begin learning about spirituality, it's common to seek an experience of Oneness, and to escape from the dualistic (good/bad) thinking that we often see around us.

So, when I tell people I'm teaching a program called Duality, people sometimes look confused. I've been asked "Are we supposed to be aiming for Oneness or embracing Duality?"

Well, yes and yes actually! Let me explain...

All my training is really about one topic – Energy Awareness. I teach about energy awareness, because it's the fastest (and most fun) way I know to change your world.

As you become aware of energy, you begin to see the world differently. You begin to ask different questions about yourself, about others and the world around you. You begin to play a different game!

This happens because you begin tapping into your sixth sense or intuition. You start noticing another layer of information about the world, and you learn to massage and influence that layer of reality. As your awareness expands, two...

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Can Energy Work or Spirit Guides conflict with my religion?

Occasionally students worry that doing energy work or connecting with spirit guides may conflict with their religion. They may even fear that energy work can be dark or manipulative or even evil.

But having gone as deep into energy work as anyone, I can tell you first hand that there’s no scary stuff to worry about. It is true that some people have negativity and can spread it to others. This has nothing to do with energy work itself and everything to do with the pain and confusion inside them.

If you choose to practice energy work, there is no need to give up your religious practice. It’s more helpful to think about it as adding a new layer to your existing beliefs.

There are 3 “new” things that you will experience as you explore energy work:

1. You become more “yourself”

As you start your journey, you will see that the layers of pain and confusion you experienced before start to strip away. The ideas and perceptions you had about yourself start...

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Why did you get interested in Psychic Phenomenon?

I first became interested in psychic phenomenon in the late 1980s when I began having strange personal experiences that I couldn't explain.  At the time, I was only months away from completing my two Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics. Being scientific-minded, I decided I could not pretend these experiences didn't happen. I needed to know what I was experiencing and why it was happening. I began reading metaphysical books and newsletters and searching for someone who could give me my answers.

By 1995, life was getting exciting. I was having even more strange experiences, but they were fleeting and somewhat random.  I began personal studies with a gifted psychic who I met through a mutual friend. Again, my progress was exciting but fleeting.

In late 1996, I was drawn to Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder, CO. I enrolled in their clairvoyant training program and began studying with Mary Bell Nyman and Hope Hewetson. It was at...

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What does Psychic mean?

I was driving to dinner last night with a friend, and we stopped briefly to talk with his neighbor. My friend introduced me and said, half-jokingly,

"Jeffrey's a psychic, so give him a call if you ever need to know your future!"

I smiled at this common misunderstanding of the term "psychic". When someone hears that I'm psychic, they often react in a similar manner, posing a question such as "Who was my 3rd grade teacher?" or "Will I win the lottery?" There seems to be general consensus in our society that psychics recount the past or predict the future. Neither is actually the case. So what does "psychic" mean then? In my terminology, a "psychic" is not someone who is gifted or trained in viewing the past or future, but rather someone who is gifted or trained in perceiving the present.

Put simply, psychics perceive present time energy. Although stated concisely, this phrase packs a lot of meaning. To understand it better, let's break it down into three concepts: energy, perception,...

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Increase Your Energy Today

In just a few minutes each day, you can make real changes in your life.  In Jeffrey's 7-day Energy Starter Kit, you'll learn his Top 7 Tools for Energy Awareness to help you:

✓ Focus your Attention
✓ Increase your Creativity
✓ Build Powerful Presence
✓ Improve your Boundaries
✓ Change your Emotions
✓ Maintain your Own Space
✓ Connect More Deeply with Others