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Can Energy Work or Spirit Guides conflict with my religion?

Occasionally students worry that doing energy work or connecting with spirit guides may conflict with their religion. They may even fear that energy work can be dark or manipulative or even evil.

But having gone as deep into energy work as anyone, I can tell you first hand that there’s no scary stuff to worry about. It is true that some people have negativity and can spread it to others. This has nothing to do with energy work itself and everything to do with the pain and confusion inside them.

If you choose to practice energy work, there is no need to give up your religious practice. It’s more helpful to think about it as adding a new layer to your existing beliefs.

There are 3 “new” things that you will experience as you explore energy work:

1. You become more “yourself”

As you start your journey, you will see that the layers of pain and confusion you experienced before start to strip away. The ideas and perceptions you had about yourself start...

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Why did you get interested in Psychic Phenomenon?

I first became interested in psychic phenomenon in the late 1980s when I began having strange personal experiences that I couldn't explain.  At the time, I was only months away from completing my two Bachelor of Science degrees in Computer Science and Mathematics. Being scientific-minded, I decided I could not pretend these experiences didn't happen. I needed to know what I was experiencing and why it was happening. I began reading metaphysical books and newsletters and searching for someone who could give me my answers.

By 1995, life was getting exciting. I was having even more strange experiences, but they were fleeting and somewhat random.  I began personal studies with a gifted psychic who I met through a mutual friend. Again, my progress was exciting but fleeting.

In late 1996, I was drawn to Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder, CO. I enrolled in their clairvoyant training program and began studying with Mary Bell Nyman and Hope Hewetson. It was at...

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What does Psychic mean?

I was driving to dinner last night with a friend, and we stopped briefly to talk with his neighbor. My friend introduced me and said, half-jokingly,

"Jeffrey's a psychic, so give him a call if you ever need to know your future!"

I smiled at this common misunderstanding of the term "psychic". When someone hears that I'm psychic, they often react in a similar manner, posing a question such as "Who was my 3rd grade teacher?" or "Will I win the lottery?" There seems to be general consensus in our society that psychics recount the past or predict the future. Neither is actually the case. So what does "psychic" mean then? In my terminology, a "psychic" is not someone who is gifted or trained in viewing the past or future, but rather someone who is gifted or trained in perceiving the present.

Put simply, psychics perceive present time energy. Although stated concisely, this phrase packs a lot of meaning. To understand it better, let's break it down into three concepts: energy, perception,...

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Travel Between Lives

During my morning meditations, I often contact Light Beings from various realms for counseling, teaching or just for fun. One of my favorite meditation activities is to travel through time, space or dimensions on the back of Pegasus, the winged white horse. He invariably has some exciting new place to visit to help me gain deeper understanding of my current life experiences.

On one such journey, Pegasus and I flew back through time to a mountain range in the Himalayas. As we approached the mountain, I could see an old man sitting in meditation at a cave opening. I quickly realized the old man was me in a past life. I left Pegasus' back and merged my consciousness with my past life self.

I was very old in that lifetime, much older than people live now. Through a long life of contemplation and service, I gained vast experience and wisdom about the workings of the world. I knew it would soon be time to leave the body behind, and I was packaging up all my knowledge for delivery to a...

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