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Are you feeling lost in the shadows?

Two friends this week reminded me of the power of shining light!

Recently, I've fallen into the trap of focusing on the negative. Seeing all the pain and confusion in the world, it's natural for me to want to help. And with the crises facing the world, it's easy to feel a bit helpless or worried for our collective future.

When I get this way, it feels like I'm walking in the shadows. It's easy to overlook the bright events and people in my daily life. If it continues, my own light dims, and I find my dim mood spreading to those around me. Which, of course, only feeds the cycle. This negative feedback loop is all too easy be part of.

Fortunately, it's also simple (if not easy) to change!

I was reconnecting with my life-long friend Bill, and he was inspiring me with his story of change. He said he's always felt that his purpose was to lessen the suffering of others, but he recently amended that to include spreading happiness as well.

I was reminded of advice I...

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How To Live A 'Spirit-Driven' Lifestyle


In the video above, Jeffrey Allen shares a simple exercise to move away from our current mind-driven, stressful experience of life, into a more relaxed, spirit-driven life.

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How Do You Want To Live Your Post-Interruption Life?


I hope you're faring well in these disruptive 2020 times!

Although the world's external events can be disturbing to watch, this time is also an amazing opportunity for your transformation. The internal changes you make now will set the stage for your entire life moving forward.

I've made a short video to inspire you to pivot in your moments of despair, to look up from your interruptions and consider how you'd like your life to be.

It's healthy to grieve your losses, but please remember to catch your new opportunities too. This is a powerful time of change. Use it wisely!

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"Movie of Your Life" Visualization


I am sharing with you one of my favorite exercises - The Movie of Your Life.

In this guided visualization you will:

  • Identify the biggest challenge you're having right now.
  • Look at how your future will be when you overcome it.

I invite you relax for the next 7 minutes as I guide you through the movie of your life.

To continue your journey into energy work, I invite you to view my free 1-hour masterclass below.

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Helping Important Conversations Go Smoothly


Renowned energy healer, Jeffrey Allen, explains how you can prepare yourself "energetically" before conversations to make sure they go smoothly.

Conversations can be tricky!

Once you’ve spoken out loud, it’s too late to make changes. Impressions are formed and the conversation is moving in a particular direction - whether it’s the direction you intended or not.

Wouldn’t it be great to test the waters BEFORE you talk - to find out how someone may respond, to rehearse your delivery, and to make the actual conversation more graceful?

In the video above, I’ll share with you my favorite exercise for communicating energetically before important conversations - so you can get through them more easily & effectively.

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Access Your Hidden Energy To Live The Life Of Your Dreams


In this video, energy healer and spiritual teacher, Jeffrey Allen, explains how consciously managing energy can help you overcome major blocks and achieve your dreams.

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How to Use Your Inner Guidance


What's the most powerful tool you have for guiding your life and making decisions?

You might think it's your mind, but it's actually your intuition.

While your mind is amazing at planning how to get to from A to B, your intuition is how you understand where you are now and find where you want to go. Your intuition gives you an A and a B, so your mind has a clear direction.

Today, I'm sharing a fun relaxing journey with you to help strengthen your ability to make choices with your intuition. You can use it as often as you want to connect with your guidance and receive new information.

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5 Simple Tips To Overcome Your Spiritual Growth Roadblocks


Do you feel stuck in your spiritual growth? You're not alone! We all get stuck along the way.

I love to help, so I'm sharing my 5 biggest tips for overcoming roadblocks to spiritual growth!

These energy techniques will help you get unstuck and back in the fast lane, whether you’re in a structured training program or learning on your own!

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The Power Of Your Thoughts: What Are You Telling And Selling The World?

Jeffrey Allen - Energy Healer, Author and Speaker
The Power Of Your Thoughts: What Are You Telling And Selling The World?


I want to share with you a really powerful insight into how we communicate with each other.

  • And I don't mean our conscious communication through writing or speaking, but rather our energetic communication; what we're sending to each other all the time, even though we're unconscious about it energetically.

If you understand this insight, I promise you can avoid countless hours of frustrating, confusing, and needless conversations with people. It's really powerful – this single insight has made a gigantic difference in my life.

If you want to follow along, you'll find a transcript of the talk below. Enjoy!

"Hi everyone! I'm Jeffrey Allen, and I want to share with you a really powerful insight into how we communicate with each other.

And I don't mean our conscious communication through writing or speaking, but rather our energetic communication – what we're sending to each other all the time energetically, even though we're unconscious about it.

If you understand...

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How To Clear Mental Clutter With Sacred Geometry


An engineer turned Energy Healer, Jeffrey Allen sits down with fellow engineer, Vishen Lakhiani to explain Energy Work and how to use energy to remove obstacles in life.

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